About Membership

When should I become a member?

After you begin attending, one day you will realize that EUUC has become a part of your life, and you are glad that our community is here providing sermons, social justice work, sustainability efforts, spiritual development, social activities, and friends. As our community nourishes and enriches your life, we hope you consider joining EUUC as a member.

Why should I join?

You will likely feel more deeply connected to our programs and people. The EUUC community will become your community, and you will have a voice in shaping it and steering us along a good path.

In the day-to-day life of the church, being a member opens up opportunities to chair committees and steer our social justice work and programs in a positive direction. Myriad volunteer teams work with our staff in providing the programs and amenities that bring us together where we build friendships and simply have fun together.

Additionally, members shape our church through voting to elect the Board of Trustees, to call the minister, to approve the annual budget, and to change the Bylaws. Collectively, members hold the highest authority in our congregation.


We encourage members to pledge at a level that makes them feel good about helping provide all the amenities and programs that make our congregation a desirable community. The amount will be different for every individual or family. Please read the Fair Share Giving Guide (PDF) which shows us that a small donation from someone with a limited income or with significant financial obligations can be more generous than a large donation from someone who is financially well off.

How do I join?

When your life is better because of your involvement in our community and when you want to give your time, talent, and financial contributions to help others and our congregation, please take these steps to membership.

  1. Take two newcomer classes:
    • UU-101 - UUism:  Beliefs, History, and Polity
    • UU-102 - EUUC: Culture and Responsibilities of Membership
  2. Read the Fair Share Giving Guide (PDF) and determine the pledge of financial support you would like to make.
  3. Complete a Contact Form.
  4. Complete a Pledge Form.
  5. Complete the Membership Checklist.
  6. Meet with Rev. Eric Kaminetzky and sign the Membership Book!


  • You may make an appointment to meet our minister, Eric Kaminetzky. You can reach Eric through the church office at 425.778.0373 or by email.
  • Please contact Membership.