WebYep - Menu

Menu of temporary pages

Menus allow us to create temporary pages for a topic, like the concert series. Each concert has a page describing it and a menu of all the concerts appears at the top. People simply click on a concert in the menu to get the page of further information. The Music Committee can edit the menu and all the pages.

Understanding the layout

By using a WebYep Menu you can create and delete pages on a related topic. Each page has the menu—a list of pages—at the top and one or more content areas below the menu. The content areas can include short text, rich text, attachments, images, and loops.

There is a main page plus a separate page for each item on the menu. On the main page the set of content areas provides general information that pertains to the series of pages. For instance, the main page for the Concerts menu might tell people about tickets.

Usually, the pages also have content that appears on all the pages and that falls outside the WebYep editable areas. For example, most pages end with an email link to contact someone with questions.

Below is an example of a page set up with a WebYep menu for the Coffee Committee. This is the main page; by clicking on one of the two bulleted items at the top you would get the page describing that event.

WebYep page with a menu

Layout with icons

After logging into WebYep on the page above, you would see a menu icon for editing the menu (the bulleted list of events). Below the menu, you would see icons for the content areas that you can edit.

Below is the Coffee Committee page after logging into WebYep. The content areas are rich text followed by a loop with a label and an attachment. The loop enables the editor to add multiple attachments with labels, although in this example no label or attachment has been entered. The Questions section is not editable.

WebYep - logged into a Menu page

WebYep menuEditing the menu

If you want a menu item to appear on two lines, enter a backslash (\) where you want the line to break.

  1. WebYep menu iconClick on the menu icon on any of the pages.
  2. To add a new menu item, type the text in the lower box and click Add.
  3. To modify an existing menu item, select it with a click in the upper box. The text appears in the lower box where you can make changes. Then, click Change.
  4. Click Save.


Editing the page content

  1. In the menu at the top of any page click on the page you want to edit.
  2. Click the editing icon for the content area you want to edit, and make your changes.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the WebYep window and click Save. If you cannot find the Save button, read Saving your content.


If you have questions about using WebYep, or if you would like additional training for yourself or your committee, contact the Webmaster.