WebYep - Loop

Grouping fields together

Some pages, such as a page of committee archives, give you a collection of fields for elements that repeat.  In the archives example for every document the committee adds to its digital library, they want four pieces of information: a brief title, date published, link to the file, and a short description to help people understand what the document contains without downloading it.

Each group of fields is called an element, so in this case there is one element for each document the committee chooses to archive. When fields are grouped into elements, you can add as many elements as you need.

Understanding the icons

After you log into WebYep on a page with a loop, you see many icons. But the loop icons are the ones that pop—each icon sits on a bright blue oval. Before anything is entered into the loop, there are just two loop icons. Once you enter an element, the loop icons expand to a row of five blue ovals.

Following each row of loop icons are the editing icons for the content areas you can modify. Editing icons can be for short text, rich text, attachments, and images. A loop can be configured to have a single content area or several.

WebYep loop icon exampleIn this example from the digital archives of Advocates for Women, you can see that the 2012-2013 loop does not yet have any elements. The Attachment icon and 2012_document represents the single field that they can enter in the loop.

The loop for 2011-2012 has many elements, each one with a row of loop icons, the attachment icon, and a link to a file.

WebYep loop iconsWhile the row of blue icons can be daunting at first, their functions are simple to grasp.

  • Plus sign - adds a new element below this one
  • Trash can - deletes the element
  • Up and down arrows - move the element up or down in the list
  • Check mark - makes the element visible or invisible to the public viewing the web page

Editing a loop

To edit an element, just click on the various content area icons within it.  Here is a single element for a page of classes for adults.

WebYep element or loop

In this element there are three fields: rich text, image, and attachment.  The rich text field already has content, which includes all the words beginning with Kinesthetic and ending with the fee information. The image icon is off to the right because the image is preformatted to appear on the right. The attachment icon appears below the rich text area, so the link to an attachment will follow the class description.

To add another element (to describe another class), you would click the plus icon which would give you this screen:

WebYep newly added element

Now you see a second set of icons for a new element.  Click the specific icons (rich text, image, or attachment) to add content.


If you have questions about using WebYep, or if you would like additional training for yourself or your committee, contact the Webmaster.