Update an Email Link

Email security

Keeping email addresses hidden from spambots is a high priority for the Web team. We hide email addresses where webcrawling spambots cannot access them, so church leaders who have these email addresses for conducting their work do not receive unwanted spam.

How to know if an email address is vulnerable

If you can see the email address either on the page or by looking at the source code for the page, spambots can also see the email address.

How we protect email addresses

We let website visitors contact people at EUUC through the online email form. This means we need to code an email link to tell the email form who the message is for. If we code the link incorrectly, even by something seemingly innocuous, like an extra space, the email will be sent out to a black hole, never to be seen again.

How to correctly code an email link

Every email link is in this format:

http://www.euuc.org/include/email_form.php?EmailToName=Recipient Name


../include/email_form.php?EmailToName=Recipient Name

After the question mark every character must be precise, capitals and spaces are critical. Up to the equal sign, all email links are the same (but can be in either of variations shown above). Before the equal sign there are no spaces.

In the sample above Recipient Name represents the name of the person or group the message is intended to reach. You cannot just type anything that makes sense. Contact the Webmaster to learn the exact way to identify a particular recipient.

Updating an existing email link

Often, the link phrase (the underlined blue phrase that someone clicks on) is the recipient's name while the coding for the link goes to the email address for the person's role at EUUC. For example, Anne Igma is an email link that goes to the Webmaster's email address. Here is how the link reads:


To keep the link to the Webmaster, but change the name of the Webmaster to Nancy Samuels,

  • Put your cursor in the middle of the link phrase (between Anne and Igma).
  • Type the new name, so it now reads, Anne Nancy Samuels Igma.
  • Delete the old name from around the new name so you have
    Nancy Samuels.


If you have questions about using WebYep, or if you would like additional training for yourself or your committee, contact the Webmaster.