WebYep - Cautions

Email links

Do not add a link to an email address! We protect our email addresses so spambots cannot capture and sell them. If an email address is visible or coded into a web page, spambots will find them. If you want to have a link to an email address, please contact the Webmaster who can add the link safely.

Multiple editors

Occasionally we have more than one person in charge of maintaining the content on a page. When we have a team of editors, one person's fresh changes might be overwritten by another person's updates.

Here is how it might happen. Suppose you and Jodi are working from your home computers, and you both opened the same content area. You would both make changes from the original version. When Jodi saved her changes, the live page would show the original page with her updates. Then, when you saved your work, the website would show the original text with your revision. Jodi's work would be gone.

Back up your work

We all make mistakes. Please save copies of text, images, and uploaded files in case someone accidentally deletes your content.


If you have questions about using WebYep, or if you would like additional training for yourself or your committee, contact the Webmaster.