WebYep - a Content Management Tool

WebYep makes content management easy

WebYep allows people who have a login name and password to edit the content of their web pages from any computer without requiring additional software.

Most pages have one rich text content box that can be opened enabling someone to edit almost all the content on the page. Within the rich text editing window someone can modify text and add an image on the page.

Repeating the same types of information

Sometimes we want to provide a set of information for each instance of something, like a concert. Also, we want the flexibility to add and delete instances. WebYep gives us two tools for repeating information: the Loop and Menu.

The loop is a good choice when the instances are listed on one page. Often, it is used in a table with columns of information, and we want to be able to add rows. The Advocates for Women Committee use a Loop to provide links to their minutes.

The Menu allows us to present a list of topics, each of which has a separate page of information. We use a Menu to organize the Social Justice Events.

Not all content can be changed

Most pages have content that cannot be changed, such as the contact section at the bottom of many pages.


If you have questions about using WebYep, or if you would like additional training for yourself or your committee, contact the Webmaster.