Download and read "Your Pledge to Expand our Ministry".

Who pledges?

All members of our congregation make a financial commitment through an annual pledge to our operating fund. People generously give their time as well as money in support of our beloved community. Pledges to our operating fund make it possible for us to provide a welcoming and supportive ministry and to enact our vision of a just and sustainable world. 

Let's be a light for the world

We are conducting a face to face stewardship campaign this year (2017). This means you will receive (or have already received) a call from a member of the congregation who has voluteered to be a steward. That person will ask to meet with you. Please be welcoming! When you get together, you will explore thoughts and feelings about our congregation and about how we might bring the light of the EUUC's values to the world. 

Your conversation with the stewardship volunteer can happen in your home or out in the world over a cup of coffee. It’s a time to enjoy, connect and be ministry together! And time for you to make your annual pledge. We are asking people to significantly increase their pledging this year so that we can call the Rev. Cecilia Kingman as our full time minister for Faith and Justice. Please consider committing at least 5% of your income to EUUC. Together we can buildthe world we want to see!

Two pledge funds: operating and social justice

Unlike most congregations, we ask people to pledge to two separate funds. The Operating Fund uses contributions to pay for our ministry and our facilities including: utilities, heat, furnishings, staff, coffee, maintenance, and other costs of providing the meeting rooms, music, activities, Sunday services, children's classes, committee work, and all the programs we enjoy in our community. We express our values in our operations, for example fair wages and benefits, compost and recycling services, and fair trade organic coffee on Sunday mornings. We manage our accounts at a local community bank.

The Social Justice Fund provides money for the Social Justice committees to use in their programs to amplify our volunteer work outside the congregation. Most of the money in the Social Justice Fund is given to outside organizations engaging in projects that align with our values, including many that we participate in as volunteers and organizers. A smaller portion is used to fund the activities and programs run by the Social Justice committees. Learn more about how the Social Justice Fund is changing the world.

Pledge forms

Submit an online pledge form or a printable pledge form (PDF).

How do I pay my pledge?

Bill Payer

One of the easiest and most convenient methods of paying your pledge is through your bank’s free bill payer program which you may already be using to pay loans, utility bills, and other regular monthly commitments. Just sign up to make a monthly payment to the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Many of us find it convenient to have our banks automatically send the payment to EUUC through the EFT program used by the church.


You can put a check in the Sunday Offering or mail it to the church office. Many people pay their pledges monthly, and others pay quarterly. Be sure to write "pledge" on the memo line of your check.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Treasurer.