Low Cost Books

Bookstore mission

Many Unitarian Universalist bookstores charge full cover price and turn the profits over to the operating fund, a social service fund, or some aspect of the church finances. Our bookstore has a different mission—to provide low-cost books to members and friends.

Should you order books through the Bookstore?

If we can save you money, then we hope you will order your books through the Bookstore.

Beacon Press and Skinner House books

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) gives us a generous discount on Beacon Press and Skinner House books. We do not get a discount on books listing the publisher as the UUA. To see the titles and costs of Skinner House and Beacon Press books, go to the UUA Bookstore‍.

Other books

If you want a book that is not from Beacon Press or Skinner House, we might still get a discount for you. Our wholesale supplier gives us substantial discounts.

When the books are in stock at their western warehouse, we usually receive the books in four days. But, unfortunately, when the books are not at that warehouse and are backordered, they make no promises and give no hints regarding whether the books will arrive in one week or eight. The Bookstore manager can log on to the wholesaler's website and see whether the warehouse has copies in stock.

Rules of thumb for ordering books:

  • If you absolutely must have the book within a week, order it yourself from an online bookseller.
  • If you can wait a while, order it through the Bookstore to save money.
  • If you hope to receive the book soon, email the Bookstore manager and ask for a guess about the availability. Most of the books we order are in stock.

Paying for books

Sunday shoppers

We take cash, checks, VISA and Master Card.

Committees and staff

When you order books through the bookstore, the manager will email a Transfer Funds form to you or the chair of the committee that is paying for the books. The committee chair prints the form, signs it, photocopies it, puts the photocopy in the Bookstore mailbox, and puts the signed form in the Assistant Treasurer's mail box.


Please contact Jock Young if you have questions.