Self Governance

Congregational polity

EUUC, like other Unitarian Universalist congregations, is self-governing. The membership is the highest authority and holds responsibility for the congregation. The membership calls the minister, elects the Board of Trustees, approves the bylaws, Mission, Vision, Covenant of Healthy Relations, and approves the annual budget.


Policies establish boundaries for how committees, staff, and volunteers conduct their work. Only the Board of Trustees can create, modify, or eliminate policies. For details read Add or Change a Policy and Delete a Policy.

As part of the process to create, revise, or delete a policy, the Administrator posts the policy draft on the Policies in Development page of the website. Members and friends of EUUC may read the proposed policies and may submit feedback.

Linking to other Unitarian Universalist congregations

EUUC and other congregations are members of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). The UUA serves us by providing a national voice for our denomination and by connecting people in different congregations. Some of the specific UUA accomplishments are

  • Hosting General Assembly, an annual conference where people from any member congregation meet to decide direction for the denomination.
  • Providing email discussion groups for dozens of interests
  • Maintaining current, reliable information on their website
  • Advertising the denomination to others who might make a Unitarian Universalist church their spiritual home
  • Sharing information and facilitating communication among churches