Manage Your Subscriptions

Manage all your lists from your profile page

Your DadaMail profile puts you in control of your subscription lists. You can log into your DadaMail profile to

  • see what email lists you are subscribed to
  • update your email address
  • read archived messages for a list
  • unsubscribe

Can't remember your password?

At the bottom of the Profile login page is a place to request a new password:

Log in to your profile

To log into your profile for managing your email lists, go to

If your browser knows your email address, you might automatically be logged into your DadaMail Profile page. Otherwise, you will get a login page with a pink error box that implies you made a mistake. You didn't. Just enter your email address and password and click Log into Your Profile.Here's what the screen looks like.

DadaMail profile login page

What is an email list?

We use two types of email lists: announcement lists and discussion lists. Announcement lists allow messages to be sent from the church to the subscribers. Discussion lists are used by committees and other groups for communicating with their members. Any subscriber on a discussion list may email a message to that list.