Communications Policy

Policy #3
Approved 4/20/2004

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The CommUUnicator - Newsletter

The newsletter of the Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation is the primary means of transmitting information to members and friends about services, programs, meetings of the Board of Trustees and of committees, fundraising activities, and denominational news.

The newsletter shall first serve the purposes listed above. As space allows, members and friends may contribute personal announcements, such as family news and information regarding local meetings of interest and notices giving information about goods and services.

The designated editor of the newsletter shall have the right to edit or abbreviate copy to keep within the limits of space allocation for each issue or for clarity, accuracy and taste.

In cooperation with the Membership Committee, the Administrator shall keep the newsletter mailing list up to date, keeping in mind the value of the newsletter in extending the church's outreach.

The Newsletter is distributed free of charge to all members and friends of EUUC.  Visitors who indicate on their visitor's card that they wish to receive the newsletter will receive complimentary copies for at least four months.  Thereafter, they may subscribe for a fee determined by cost of printing and mailing.  Other individuals may also subscribe to the newsletter by request to the office.


  1. A congregational directory shall be maintained by the Membership Committee to provide information about:
    1. Church members and associate members
    2. Friends are non-members who have indicated that they wish to be identified as friends to the congregation each year.  A pledge or a monetary contribution of record will always be welcome (indicated by an asterisk beside the name).
  2. The directory shall list names, addresses, and phone, FAX, and email numbers.  The name and birth dates of children through high school ages shall be included as applicable and available.
  3. The directory shall be prepared for publication by the Office following each Annual Congregational Business Meeting and shall be issued early in September.
  4. Copies of the directory shall be available without charge to members and friends.
  5. The directory is intended for non-commercial use by and within the congregational Community, Its use by other individuals and organizations is forbidden without prior written authorization from the Board of Trustees.

Email Bulletin

A regular email news bulletin with messages of general interest specifically relating to the EUUC will be compiled by the Email Administrator who will distribute it to the members and friends on the email list.  (See Appendix F for procedures on submitting items for the email news bulletin).

Inclusion in the EUUC email list will be open to members, friends, subscribers and visitors.  New members and friends may opt on or off the mailing list at the time they establish their member/friend status.  List subscribers may opt to be removed at any time by notifying the Church Administrator.  Each email news bulletin will provide this option.

The email news bulletin is not a substitute for The Newsletter.  The Newsletter, as stated in the Communications Policy in the Congregational Handbook, will remain the "primary means of transmitting information to Members and Friends."

Special Interest email lists may be created according to the procedures in Appendix F.

Congregational email should never be used for commercial purposes.

In keeping with our tax-exempt status, emails which are sent to the EUUC email lists shall not publicize political parties or candidates.

The Board of Trustees shall appoint a volunteer Email Administrator. The Email Administrator shall be appointed to serve a two-year term, may be re-appointed for an additional two-year term, and may form a committee with up to three additional members to assist with the duties of the office. (See Appendix F for an Email Administrator Position Description.)

Under extraordinary circumstances, if requested to do so by the Minister or President of the Board of Trustees, the Email Administrator may send email messages to all Members and Friends whether or not they have opted off the "EUUC Bulletin" list. These messages must be sent in the name of the Minister or Board President. The Email Administrator may also initiate Email messages as appropriate.