Policy #16
Approved 10/19/2010

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To assure the responsible serving of alcoholic beverages on the premises of EUUC:

  1. Alcohol may be served at EUUC during church-sponsored social events to adults.  Any alcohol not served in its original container, such as a punch bowl, must be clearly labeled, supervised, and served by an adult.
  2. Alcohol will not be served during a public church-sponsored event where a large percentage of patrons may not be members: for example, the Northwest Artists’ Holiday Show and the Rummage Sale.
  3. EUUC will obtain any licenses required by the State of Washington.
  4. This policy does permit individual members to bring their own alcoholic beverages to church work parties or casual gatherings at the church.
  5. Renters of church space will abide by the rental contract concerning the use of alcohol.