Stay Informed about Social Justice

Advocates for Women

News about how you can help women

Advocates for Women are passionate about improving the lives of communities by helping women who have been victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking, gender-based discrimination, poor education, societal gender inequalities, and more. They focus their projects on local and international efforts.

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Interfaith Climate Action News

News about climate change

The Interfaith Climate Action Council is a partnership of a growing number of religious organizations, including Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Congregation. News and events are announced through this email list. Read the latest news.

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Legislative Actions

Email alerts about contacting your representatives

Do you contact your representatives in Congress and in our state legislature about issues you care about? Members of this discussion list post alerts when it is a good time to contact your representatives about important issues. Contact Janet Chalupnik to subscribe to this list.

Money Out of Politics

Email discussion group for the 99%

Are you concerned about the excess influence of money in our government? The predicted $6 billion that Super PACs will spend to influence elections? Lobbyists? Legislators voting to suit donors instead of the American people? The Peace and Justice committee is presenting forums this year about this topic, and attendees have been eager to learn more and start acting! So we've started a discussion group to share information and ideas.

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Racial Justice News

Do you want to make a positive change for racial justice? Do you support the Black Lives Matter issues? Subscribe to the Racial Justice News to get updates on actions planned by members of our community and other news on this important issue.

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Sno-King Meaningful Movies Project

Documentary films on social justice topics

The Sno-King Meaningful Movies project shows documentaries every other month. Subscribe to this list to get messages about upcoming films. See the latest news.

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Social Justice Events

You can find news of social justice events in The CommUUnicator (our newsletter), This Week at EUUC, and the Social Justice bulletin board in the Narthex. Additional information, including posts from Cecilia Kingman, the Social Justice Council, and the Social Justice Committees, is available by subscribing to the Social Justice News. Read the latest news.

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