Peace & Justice - Current Focus

Climate Justice

EUUC has a rich history of working on issues regarding the environment and global warming.  We view this as the most urgent issue of our times, affecting both peace and justice throughout the world.  Read about current work on climate justice.

Proposed Congregational Stand on Global Warming

As our knowlege of the climate crisis has deepened, many feel despair.  We believe that by working together, we can support our spirits, empower people to find the difference they can make, and impact the future of our planet.  The Peace and Justice Committee has sponsored a proposal for a Congregational Stand on Global Warming.  You can read the proposal and learn more about it here.

Getting Money out of Politics

Since the pivotal Supreme Court ruling on Citizens' United v FEC in 2010, the Peace and Justice Committee has been informing people about how to get involved to eliminate the corruption of money in our democracy. The current focus is on passing a state resolution to amend the U.S. Constitution. Read more on getting money out of politics.

Congregational Stand on Money Out of Politics

In 2014 our congregation passed a Congregational Stand on Money Out of Politics that was sponsored by the Peace & Justice Committee, and other EUUC members. 

Other Work

We seek to do work that speaks not just to our own interests, but to interests of the congregation as well.  In the past, we have explored the issue of immigration rights, supported initiatives to reduce gun violence, taught students how to establish a record of conscientious objection.  We respond to current issues as they arise.

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