Support Neighborhood Schools

Cedar Valley Community School   

Cedar Valley presents many challenges because of an 84% poverty level and 70% of the children coming from homes where a language other than English is spoken. Located in Lynnwood, Cedar Valley is part of the Edmonds School District.

EUUC Volunteers find it very rewarding to help out in various ways. They help plan and facilitate an after school Art Enrichment program and provide funding for scholarships for the annual trip to the Seattle Children's Theatre for 3rd and 4th graders. EUUC also provides hygiene kits for all the students in conjunction with their health unit and contributes to the Family Emergency Fund. Box Tops for Education are collected at EUUC for Cedar Valley.

Chase Lake Community School

The needs at Chase Lake are great and varied with 65% of the students living below poverty level. Over 25% of the students have English as a second language and it is the destination school for all medically challenged students. Chase Lake is located in Edmonds, close to EUUC.

EUUC Volunteers work directly with students on math, reading and mentoring throughout the school year. Volunteers also help with the Safety Net Program. EUUC provides funding for daily after school snacks for up to 30 homeless children waiting for transportation, emergency clothing , medical supplies for the school nurse, hygiene supplies for the weekend food backpacks and library enrichment materials.

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