Peace & Justice

Who are we?

We are people who have a vision of a just and sustainable world.  We choose work that speaks not just to our own interests, but to interests of the congregation as well.  We seek to inspire, educate, and advocate — nurturing fellowship and action within EUUC and beyond.  This is difficult work.  We are able to continue by offering each other comfort, courage, friendship, and strength through our shared values and the mission and vision of EUUC. 

Learn about the current focus of the Peace & Justice Committee's work.


In accordance with EUUC’s mission and vision, the Peace & Justice Committee works to “...foster justice, equity and compassion at all levels of community.”

We nourish and inspire systemic change in key areas vital to a just life in the US and on Earth. 

We raise awareness of core justice issues through discussion, lecture, debate, and active participation in the public arena. Walking proudly behind our banner, we actively and collectively participate in social and political activism as it validates our mission.

Firmly grounded in the principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Peace & Justice Committee endeavors to create a tolerant, compassionate, and inclusive community of individuals who are willing and prepared to focus time and energy towards the pursuance of peace and justice within our families, our church community, our neighborhoods, our country, and the world.


All are welcome!  We usually meet on the third Thursday of the month, at 7 p.m. in RE-1&2, except during the holidays.  Check the calendar for our next meeting.


Cindy Creager and Julie Taylor