Friendly team of book lovers

We share a passion for reading and helping others find books they will enjoy. We also have fun chatting together as we staff the Library after Sunday services. Our team is large enough that on average each team member is in the Library only once a month. One of our favorite tasks is to choose books for purchasing with the money we earn in our annual book sale.

Book Sale

For two or three Sundays at the end of April we hold a sale of books we have decided to remove from our catalog as well as books and DVDs donated by the EUUC community. In March we meet and decide which books to sell. Then in April we are busy receiving and sorting donations. Among the donations we always find books that we keep for our Library and other books that we offer to give to Families and Faith Development or another program in our congregation.

For the sale we set up three large tables in the Narthex and lay out the books by genre. Sales are through the honor system, so we do not need to be present. We just put out price sheets and baskets. We do, however, collect the money every day. At the end of the sale, the Rummage Sale team move the tables with remaining books into Chapman Hall for the Rummage Sale.


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