Joining Interest Groups

Purpose: Building relationships with others

People form interest groups for many reasons. Those who share an interest in an activity, such as hiking, enjoy coming together to assist one another, to share tips and ideas, and to appreciate the accomplishments of others. Many members have formed groups to facilitate conversations and discussions. All the interest groups help us build relationships and channels for personal support.


Although there are no fees for participation, you will need to pay your share for group activities that incur a cost. For instance, the Dinner Out group members each pay for their own meals. If you have questions regarding the cost, contact the leader.

How to join a group

You do not need to register for these groups. Just email the group leader to learn when the group meets. Read descriptions of the groups‍.

Some groups have size limits. If the group that interests you is full, please contact Sue Renhard. We will investigate whether or not it is possible to start a new, similar group.

Would you like to start a new group?

If you wish to start a new group contact the EUUC office.