Climate Justice

How will you engage? 

In 2016 the congregation voted to take a stand on global warming. Read the stand and share it with your friends.

We actively alert folk to climate-related actions and events in our area.  If you would like to be added to our "Climate Justice" discussion email list, please contact the Peace and Justice Committee.

Taming Bigfoot

Inspired by UUs in Jefferson County, we introduced this creative and innovative community-building carbon-reduction game to our Interfaith Climate Action partners (members of EUUC, Edmonds Unitarian Methodist Church, Holy Rosary Parish, and Maplewood Presbyterian Church). From there, the idea took off, and the City of Edmonds Mayor's Climate Protection Committee agreed to co-sponsor and promote "Taming Bigfoot!"  

We are encouraging EUUC members to form teams of seven, with other EUUC members or your neighbors and co-workers, and join in the fun (and serious) business of reducing your carbon footprint! Taming Bigfoot is a "friendly competition" with prizes! There are many events scheduled. For the most up-to-date information, check out the Taming Bigfoot website.

Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy

We are working with the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, to put an initiative on the ballot in November 2017, that would tax carbon and fund programs that help affected populations.  The Alliance is a coalition of more than 170 members including health professionals, businesses, labor unions, faith communities, environmental advocates, and communities of color, plus thousands of volunteers from all over the state, dedicated to building a prosperous future with a clean energy economy.

And more

We are working on many more events and actions.  Check back for more!  We might not always keep this site up-to-the minute, but you can often find our activities on the homepage of this EUUC website, in our newsletter The ComUUnicator, and in the weekly email news This Week at EUUC.  You can also read about our many past achievements in the EUUC annual reports.

Would you like to help or learn more?

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