Refugee Women's Alliance (ReWA)

Refugee women

Immigration Day in Olympia

On Refugee Lobby Day in February members of Advocates for Women join the rally and lobby for refugees at the state capitol in Olympia.

After Domestic Violence

Twice a year Advocates for Women provide gift bags to women who have completed a series of classes for victims of domestic violence. We fill the bags with gifts we hope will delight the women with lovely scents, beauty, and usefulness. We choose items that we might give our friends or that we might pamper ourselves with.

Refugee panel

In 2011 we invited a panel of speakers from Refugee Women's Alliance to inform us of the challenges faced by refugees in Puget Sound. Seven refugees told us their stories, forming the basis for us to understand what they left behind and what makes their lives difficult here. The refugees brought delicious food, providing a feast for all to share.


Contact: Advocates for Women