Seattle Pride Parade and Festival

Seattle Pride Parade

Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Bi, and Tranny Pride

The Seattle Pride Parade rolls along 4th Ave from Union Street to Denny Way. You can march in the parade with other Unitarian Universalist queer, gay, lesbian, and straight folks.

After the parade stop by the Unitarian Universalist booth at Pridefest at the Seattle Center. If you would like to work at the booth, talk with Lori Kunze.

One youth's perspective

I was surprised by how many people were there. The UU churches formed  group 129, so we watched quite a lot of the parade before we joined in.

We marched in the parade with other UUs—it was exciting to hear people cheering when we walked by. We passed by a person with a microphone who was introducing the groups. He said that UUs were the first accepting church and that the church was a couple hundred years old. We were proud to be representing our church.

One of our favorite groups in the parade was a group of dancers who twirled rifles instead of batons. Their motto was something like, “This is what they should be used for.” That group was cool. Another group we liked had a huge meatball with spaghetti all around it. They were supporting the Spaghetti Monster theory of creation.

It was exciting to see how many people are accepting and don’t care about people’s orientation. We expected to see many other UU churches there, and we did. But, it was nice to see other churches too. It ended at the Seattle Center where there was a big festival.


Lori Kunze and Brian Potter