Social Justice Values

Principles, values, and beliefs

social justice balance

Our principles, values, and beliefs are deeply intertwined with much of our focus centered around living our social justice values. We have dedicated much of our energy to sustainability, LGBTQ equality, reducing the influence of money in politics, and other important issues. We believe that it is important to put genuine efforts for improving the world behind our values.

Every week our Social Justice program puts action behind our principles, values, and beliefs. Our children are encouraged to live their values in the Families and Faith Development program. Sunday services and music draw people into our congregation where they find our beliefs reflected in songs and sermons.

Congregational Stands on Justice

Sometimes a current issue facing local or global populations compels us to take a public stand on the side aligned with our principles, values, and beliefs. Before the congregation votes on whether to take the stand, the people proposing the stand engage in a campaign of educating the members about the issue. The rigorous process is outlined in Congregational Stands on Significant Issues (policy #9).