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December 25

“Christmas Day Hot Chocolate Communion” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

December 24

“Christmas Eve Candlelight Service” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  
A regift.

December 18

“Holiday Music Service” Wil Sederholm, Music Director 
Music by Adult and Youth Choirs, Joyful Noise, Fa-La Sisterhood, EUUC Staff and Tomoko Maki

December 11

“Finishing Well” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

December 4

“Answer Nepal” Eric Canfield,  Listen  

November 27

“Laughter” Marilyn Grey  Listen  

November 20

“To Thine Own Self Be True” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

November 13

“Pledging Allegiance” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

November 6

No Services. We had the Northwest Artists Holiday Show.

October 16

“In the Fall” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

October 9

“Spiritual and Moral Effects of War” Rev. Peg Morgan  Listen  

October 2

“Paying It Forward” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

September 25

“Single in a Married World” Rev. Amanda Aikman  Listen  
“Reflecting on the over two hundred weddings at which I have officiated, I hope I have learned something about love, marriage, and the vast array of alternatives—including the choice of many to remain single. An invitation for all of us—married, partnered, happily single, or . . . prowling around . . . to celebrate and honor one another's status.”

September 18

“What Open Eyes Can See” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

September 11

“To Be and To Do” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  
Ingathering service.

September 4

“Unitarian Universalists Reaching Out” Linda McKim-Bell, UU Service Committee  Listen   Read
A different view of Haitian relief efforts.

August 28

“Gaia, Mother Earth and the Oneness of Everything” Jim Scott, professional UU musician  Listen  

August 21

“Ease and Dis-ease” Rev. Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

August 14

“The Interconnected Web of All Existence” Rachel and Nick Maxwell  Listen  

August 7

“As Seasons Change” Lucia Wyss, Eric Kaminetzky and Marilyn Warner  Listen  

July 31

“The Meaning of Mission” Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

July 24

“Nostalgia for the Future–Rethinking Today’s Society” Dr. Stephen Bezruchka, UW Faculty Emeritus  Listen   Read

July 17

“Angels Near and Far” Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  

July 10

“Progress in Tanzania, Hope in the Face of Adversity” Judi McAlpine, Kikwe Village JUAf Foundation  Listen  

June 26

“The Spiritual Message of the Wizard of Oz” Eric O’del, The Amazing Grace Spiritual Center  Listen  
An entertaining and insightful exploration of Dorothy's journey to Oz and return to Kansas.

June 19

“Renaissance Man” Rev. Judith Laxer from Gaia’s Temple  Listen  
Celebrating Summer Solstice and the Devine Masculine

June 12

“Our Road Ahead” Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  
Where we are headed together as a congregation.

June 5

“Gratitude and Global Awareness Through Music” Wil Sederhom, Music Director 
Music by Adult and Youth Choirs, Joyful Noise, EUUC Drum Circle, Fa-La Sisterhood, Ellin Snow and Tomoko Maki.

May 29

“Returning From Exile” Linda Ashley, UU student in the Masters of Divinity 

May 22

“Bridging” Eric Kaminetzky and the High School Youth Group 
Seniors are honored as they go out into the world.

May 15

“Slow Down. Let the Good Things Catch Up to You.” Eric Kaminetzky and Don Snow  Listen  
Reflections on taking time to appreciate life.

May 8

“Original Blessings.” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
We are not born irreparably flawed. We are, however born inescapably accountable.

May 1

“Immigration – Who Are We Willing To Become?” Eric Kaminetzky  Listen  
Universality of the struggle against oppression.

April 17

“Earth Day – A Renaissance”” Eric Kaminetzky and the Social Justice Groups   Listen  

April 10

“We Each Come to Pass, Not to Stay” Rev. Dr. Roger Kuhrt  
Thoughts on the limits of a lifetime.

April 3

“Nascence - A Coming Into Being” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  

March 27

“Building Hope through Relationships” Iraqi Student Project   Listen  
Iraqi students share their stories and poetry.

March 20

“Kyrie Eleison” Rev. Marian Stewart   Listen  
Mercy and compassion.

March 13

“Make It Look Easy” Dr. Leon Dunkley and Rev. Hank Peirce   Listen  
Growing up with Eric.

March 6

“Setting the Bar” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Sin from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.

February 27

“Praying As If It Matters” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Looking inward.

February 13

“4G—The View From The Beginning” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
An inspiring sermon for Canvass and Chocolate Sunday.

February 6

“How I Lost My Body and Found My Soul” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Life lived as a spiral.

January 30

“The Voice of EUUC Youth on GLBT Issues” Senior High Youth Group 
Our Youth will be presenting services with their usual enthusiasm. Come view the world through young eyes.

January 23

“Growing Roses in the Rough Patches” Rachel Long   Listen  
The world is marked by suffering. What do we do with our pain? How can we transform our misfortune into something meaningful?

January 16

“Seeing Things as They Are, and as They Aren't” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  

January 9

“How Good Can it Get Around Here?” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  

January 2

“Happy New End of the World as We Know It” Raz Mason, Ministerial Candidate   Listen  
Eric was back East in the snow, so we had a guest speaker.

December 26

“Last Licks” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
2010 is wrapping up. We tie a theological bow on it.

December 24, 5 and 10 p.m.

“Christmas Eve Services” Eric Kaminetzky  
For Christmas Eve, Eric read a story or two for us at both services. In addition, there were harps, harpsichords, carols, readings, and candles. Both services were quiet, warm, and joyful.

December 19

“Music Service” Wil Sederholm  
Revel in vocal and instrumental music as our Music Director, Wil Sederholm, and our community of musicians fill the air with joyful music of the season.

December 12

“Addictions, fall from grace; Redemption, True North” Terry Copeland, PhD   Listen  
The hero's journey for all of us is generally a fall from grace and a return home after redemption, but the world seems then different. Unfortunately for many of us, addictions of all type have brought us to our own unique fall from grace. All addictions seem to work the same way.

December 5

“Tikkun Olam” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Hebrew for repairing the world.

November 28

“Giving Thanks, Being Happy” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
A Thanksgiving epilogue.

November 21

“Guests At Your Table” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Bringing people along and bringing your values to the table.

November 14

“Gifts That Keep On Giving” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Is there an end to love? Finitude versus the ongoing calling to be in relationship.

Nov. 6 - 7

There will be no services this Sunday. Northwest Artists’ Holiday Show
Kick off your holiday shopping season by attending this popular fundraising event. 

October 31

“Day of the Dead – Celebrating Lives Lived,” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican and Mexican-American holiday which focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.  Music will be provided by Peter Renhard.

October 24

“Holding On To Your Worldview For Dear Life,” Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Stuckness around changing attitudes and lifestyles in favor of a liveable planet, and a celebration of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office.  Music will be provided by Joyful Noise.

October 17 "Living Our Vision" Social Justice Committees  
Does individual action, collective action or no action make sense to you regarding climate change?  Who will it impact?  The Social Justice Committees offer thought, humor and activities to provoke engagement on a crucial issue that offers opportunities to live out our values.  Find out how everybody wins by losing.  Music will be performed by the EUUC Youth and Adult Choirs.
October 10 "Begin Again in Love" Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Join us on this Sunday morning to witness the very special ceremony of child dedication.  My sermon message will focus on reworking the concept of "Sin" in order to make it relevant to Unitarian Universalism.  Music will be presented by the Fa‑La Sisterhood.
October 3 "Association Sunday" Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
We are not the only Unitarian Universalist congregation in the world.  We're not even the lone Unitarian Universalist congregation in this county.  Does that matter?  This will be a meditation on joining forces with other like-minded Unitarian Universalists in order to expand our influence. Music will be provided by the Adult Choir.
Sept. 26 "We Need Each Other" Ellin Snow   Listen  
Sept. 19 "Many Voices" Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Sept. 12 "We Begin Again" Eric Kaminetzky   Listen  
Sept. 5 "To Honor Labor Day" Ben Stewart 
August 29 "Meditation" Wil Sederholm
August 22 "Practicing the Heart of All Spiritual Paths" Eric O'del
August 15 "Jewish Traditions" Emily Katcher
August 8 "Our Call to Heal The Earth" Rachel and Nick Maxwell
August 1 "Goddess and Earth-Centered Faith" Rev. Judith Laxer
July 25 "JUAF Village Program—Tanzania" Judi McAlpine
July 18 "How Much Longer and Other Questions That Turn Us Inward" Nayer Taheri
July 11 Leaves The Disease Untreated?" Stephen Bezruchka    Listen   
July 4 Meditation at 10 a.m. and picnic at 11 a.m. Ellin and Don Snow
June 27 "Are We a Welcoming Congregation?" April Cook
June 20 "The Universal Message of Islam to Humanity" Mohammad Fani  Listen
Dec. 27 “In the Beginning” Rev. Nayer Taheri  Listen  
Dec. 21 “Christmas Eve Services”
10 p.m. “Lessons and Carols” Rev. Charlotte Cowtan
Dec. 6 “Plenty” Gini Courter, Moderator of the UUA Listen  
Nov. 29 “Inspiring Faith, Effective Action” Rev. Carol McKinley Listen  
Oct. 4 “Growing our Diversity” written by Rev. Charlotte Cowtan and delivered by Marilyn Warner 
Sept. 20 “Justice, Equity, and Compassion” by Rev. Charlotte Cowtan 
Sept. 13 “Agitate Gently” by Rev. Charlotte Cowtan 
Sept. 6 “Human Rights in Shohomish County” by Luis Moscoso 
Aug. 30 “Why Meditate?” by Penni Marvel, Kirk Barker, Paul Ferrari, Rachel Maxwell  
Aug. 23 “That Which is Real” by Ellin Snow    
Aug. 16 “The Neon Chalice” by April Cook  
Aug. 9 “Heavenly Discourse by C.E.S. Wood” by Humanist Voice   
Aug. 2 “Home Funerals and Green Burials” by Char Barrett  
May 17 Coming of Age Service