History of our Buildings

Meeting in homes

1957 to 1959

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After forming the Sno-King Unitarian Fellowship in 1957, the small group of congregants shared their own homes as spiritual meeting places. They met on alternate Sunday evenings for two years.

Edmonds Masonic Temple

1959 - 1962

Desire for a full Sunday morning service with a program for children led to the rental of the Edmonds Masonic Temple.

Edmonds High School

1962 - 1966

In 1962 the Fellowship moved to Edmonds High School. During these years, the congregation decided it needed its own building.

1964 building plans
1964 dream

Designing their dreams

In 1964 the congregants hired an architect to draw plans reflecting their dreams in three buildings:

  • the nave, narthex, and kitchen
  • office and infant rooms
  • children and youth

You will probably guess from looking at the plans that in 1964 children far outnumbered adults in the congregation.

The first building

Constructed from 1966 - 1967

Dreams need to be realized one step at a time. The congregation chose to build only the nave/narthex building as their first church home. The congregants and workers broke ground on April 10, 1966. and the members began using their new building in September 1967.

The large nave, now called Chapman Hall, was divided into classrooms with temporary partitions creating classrooms for the children. Adults held worship services in the loft which originally had a sloping floor.

1969 building plans
1969 buildings

Offices and classrooms

Constructed in 1969

In 1969 the congregation completed a second building for their growing community. Adults and children helped with construction. The children created a large mosaic chalice of colored stones in the pavement between the two buildings. This patio was a welcoming and gathering place on sunny Sunday mornings, but in the rain and cold weather, it encouraged a chilly dash from one building to another.

The new space provided a minister's office, an administrative office, and three rooms for meetings and children's classes.

Large addition

Constructed from 1994 - spring 1995

Our growing congregation needed much more space for offices and classrooms, so in 1994 we began building a large addition to the main building. The new space provided three classrooms, larger rest rooms, a storage closet, furnace room, library, copy room, administrative office, minister's office, and our nicest meeting room, the Friarplace.

After the contractor finished the major addition, a team of members took on another large remodeling job. They combined the old offices in the RE building creating a new classroom, and they put light switches near both doors in each classroom.

Floor plan
Current floor plan

Connecting it all

Completed in October 1996

This major remodeling job created the building we have today. We connected the RE building to the main building—no more chilly dashes across the courtyard. The front door was moved to welcome people from the parking lot, and a bit of the inner courtyard was preserved as a small patio and garden.

We upgraded and expanded the kitchen to permit commercial use, including a hand washing sink, triple sanitizing sinks, and a food preparation sink. A professional double coffee maker was installed to satiate our need for large pots of decaf and regular coffee and to provide a perpetual source of piping hot water for tea.

In the 1995 remodel we lost a small infant room at the back of Chapman Hall. So, as part of this project we added a new and upgraded infant room where parents with busy or noisy infants can watch and listen to the service with their children who are not ready for childcare.

Building community with drywall mud

As members worked side-by-side installing drywall and painting, they chatted and got to know each other. Several discovered they shared an interest in home brewing. As the remodeling was completed, the Bruumasters interest group and many friendships began.