Edmonds, Washington

Local Fun

A ship in Puget SoundThe Edmonds ferry carries you and your car on a ride across Puget Sound to the town of Kingston on the Olympic Peninsula.

Opportunities to camp, bicycle, hike, downhill ski, cross country ski, kayak, swim, or otherwise enjoy our cherished natural spaces abound in Washington, whether you sail west to the Olympic National Park and the peninsula or venture east to the Cascade Mountains. When Mount St. Helens is quiet, viewing her crater is an awesome sight.


A creek through a forest

The city of Edmonds, Washington has diverse neighborhoods: some on hillsides overlooking Puget Sound and some with houses nestled among towering evergreen trees.

Woods, Parks, the Beach

A large wooded city park is crossed with trails where you can walk while being serenaded by flickers, sparrows, finches, woodpeckers, and numerous other avian singers.

Down on Puget Sound is a large wetland where Great Blue Herons are commonly seen. The beach is a favorite place to stroll and explore sea life, especially at low tide.


Yet, Edmonds has civilization too. A ten-minute drive west from the church brings you to lovely downtown Edmonds where many popular, small, independent stores cluster around a fountain just a few blocks from the ferry terminal. Or, a fifteen-minute drive east will bring you to one of the largest malls in the Puget Sound area.


Seattle is a theater town with dozens of excellent live theaters; Edmonds has a couple of small theaters also. Other popular destinations in the area are the Seattle Art Museum, the Pacific Science Center, the Seattle Aquarium, the Woodland Park Zoo, the Arboretum, the Burke Museum, the Asian Art Museum, Pike Place Market, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the Seattle Opera. Bicyclists enjoy riding for miles on the Burke-Gilman trail which takes you along Lake Washington.