What do our members believe?

Unitarian Universalists often blend religious understandings from multiple sources into cohesive personal creeds. So, a Unitarian Universalist congregation reflects a potpourri of perhaps hundreds of individual creeds. These multifarious beliefs blend somewhat to give the congregation a flavor of Unitarian Universalism.

The Unitarian Universalist Association website also describes Unitarian Universalist beliefs.

Learn what we believe by visiting

The best way to understand our flavor of Unitarian Universalism is to experience it by visiting the church. Before you enter, glance at the bumper stickers in the parking lot. They may not provide a thorough representation of our beliefs, but the stickers will hint at who we are.

As you enter the church, say "hello" to the greeters and stop at the Welcome Desk to talk with a member. If there is time before the service begins, grab a cup of shade-grown organic coffee and chat with others milling around the Narthex. Check out the bulletin boards to learn about events and and to get an idea of things people are working on.

Our beliefs and values are reflected in these web pages

Begin to explore our religious leanings by clicking through this website. See how we choose to put our faith into action.