Sunday Offerings

hungry teenagerConcern for Neighbors Food Bank

March 2014 and April 2009 recipient

Imagine having to choose between buying food and paying rent, purchasing medicine or heating your home. These are some of the difficult choices faced by the working poor or those laid‐off folks in our community. The Concern for Neighbors Food Bank, sponsored by the Terrace View Presbyterian Church of Mountlake Terrace, has been providing food and social services for low‐income residents for decades.

As you know, requests for assistance from food banks across the country have risen dramatically over the past year as more wage‐earners are laid off from work. Children, elderly people and individuals with disabilities account for the majority of those receiving food bank assistance. Let us help those in our own community in these difficult times by contributing generously to the Sunday offering during the month of April. For more information or to volunteer, contact the Concern for Neighbors Food Bank at 425.778.7227.

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