Creative event planners

The Auction team is a collection of people who unite in creativity for designing fun games (like a raffle) and amusing ways to display our chosen theme. During meetings, people throw out ideas and we talk about them, revising until we have developed the many varied pieces of the auction. How will we convey the theme? What food will we serve? What games should we offer? What types of donations should we solicit? How much will we charge? How will it all be staged? We need to answer those questions and many more. Whatever needs to be done, one or more people step forward and handle it. Our meetings are focused on the current tasks, but we always have laughter at some point, particularly as we throw out ideas for applying the theme to food and decorations. 

Food and drinks

The food choices follow the theme, so planning menu items is a creative exercise in balancing adherence to the theme with cost and time. Usually, drinks are simply micro beers and wine, but the 42nd auction has a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy theme, so we also plan to serve Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, a drink from the book. We need to find people to prepare food, serve, and clean up.


After deciding what types of donations we want to emphacize, we ask members and friends of EUUC to donate items and experiences, like dinners and bird watching expeditions. Some of us ask local businesses to donate items too. 


A team of creative people design and acquire decorations following the auction theme. 


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