General Assembly 2013

June 19 to 23, Louisville, KY

Gathering of UUs from across the U.S.

Pop over to the UUA website where you can watch videos and learn more about General Assembly.

General Assembly brings UUs together for worship, learning, witnessing, and governance.

Programs and workshops

Reflecting our UU values, the programs will address myriad topics including, environmental justice, immigration justice, anti-racism, anti-oppression multiculturalism, multigenerational work, growing UUism, spiritual growth, and leadership education. Read the Program Book or get the mobile app.

Corporations are not people

At GA this year the Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC) will propose that the UUA speak out nationally in favor of the amendment to the US Constitution which is supported by Move to Amend and which states that corporations are not people and that money is not speech. Learn more about the proposal for the UUA on the Northwest UU Justice Network site.

Governance of the UUA

Congregations, like EUUC which are members of the UUA, designate delegates who will participate in business meetings where they will discuss issues and make decisions about the direction the UUA will take. This year the delegates will elect a new UUA Moderator to succeed Gini Courter who has served for ten years. Read the business agenda.

Delegates can participate online without leaving home. Learn more about the important job of being a delegate.

Watch GA online

Everyone is invited to watch the business meetings (plenary sessions), celebrations, worship services, Ware lecture, and more online. You can see the events in streamed in real time or watch the videos later. See the schedule for online viewing.

Online discussions and information during GA

Many communication tools are being set up for UUs at GA and elsewhere to share information.

Attending General Assembly

Several members attend each year, sometimes they receive partial funding from the EUUC Go GA Endowment Fund.