Rev. Eric Kaminetzky's Sabbatical

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to share the exciting news that our Senior Minister, Eric Kaminetzky, will be taking his first mini-sabbatical this fall, during the months of October and November. We will send Eric off on Sunday, October 1st, as a part of the service.

Sabbatical is a time for our Senior Minister to take a break from everyday responsibilities in order to reflect, rest, and learn.

Our agreement with our ministers is standard for parish ministers in our Unitarian Universalist Association, in that they earn a month of sabbatical leave for each year of employment. As Eric completed his seventh full year of full-time employment with EUUC on the last day of July of this year, 2017, he has earned seven months worth of sabbatical leave.

Normally, he would not have waited this long to take a sabbatical, but we have been living through much excitement and change as a community since Eric’s arrival, and there just didn’t seem to him to be a great time for this.

Our Board of Trustees, our Committee on Ministry, and our Staff support Eric in taking this leave.

In the future, he promises to take sabbaticals more frequently, and he is being encouraged to take longer sabbaticals as well.

Though this community has not experienced a sabbatical in over a decade, we will be, with your support, well prepared to work with the Reverend Cecilia Kingman, with our Staff, and with our new Intern Minister Joe Rettenmaier, to move through this period with grace.

Please join me in wishing Eric a restful, reflective, and productive sabbatical, and in looking forward to his return with a refreshed sparkle, and perhaps some mischief, in his eyes.

Together, I believe this community can do almost anything.


Carolyn Tucker
EUUC Board President


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