Auction Ticket Reservations

Reservation Deadline

Tickets must be ordered by the Tuesday before the auction.

Reserve a ticket to the auction


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Would you like a combined statement?

If you are reserving more than one ticket, would you like a single statement printed at the end of the evening for these individuals?  If so, the statement will include a separate section (with details and totals) for each bidder.



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Benefits for reserving tickets

There are several good reasons to reserve your ticket to the auction. If you reserve a ticket, your bid card will by waiting for you when you arrive at the auction. You will be able to check in and start bidding immediately. Many of the parties, dinners, and other experiences offer limited spots and fill up quickly.

There is no need to pay when you reseve your tickets. We will add the ticket prices to your bill at the auction. If the tickets are not paid for at that time, we will send you an invoice by mail or email.

The Auction team relies on reservations to prepare for a smoothly run event. For instance, registrations help them know how much food to prepare.

Tickets are available at the door, if we have space

If you do not reserve your auction ticket online, you can get one at the door, if we have space available.

Paper tickets

We do not use paper tickets, so once you reserve your ticket, you just need to show up at the auction and we will have a packet waiting for you.

Unable to attend

If you are unable to attend, please sell or give your tickets to anyone of your choice. Then, email the Auction RSVP team to let us know who will be attending in your place. This allows us to have bid cards ready for your friends.