Auction Donation Ideas

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What to donate to the Auction

Everyone has something of value to donate to the Auction. Just use your imagination and have some fun. Auction items can be a great way to make connections with others in the church.  Here’s a list of ideas and items donated in past years. Download a copy of these ideas.

Dinner in your home or at church

Fresh caught salmon dinner
Gourmet Mediterranean dinner
Simple summer supper
Tea at three
Backyard barbeque
Soup, bread, and salad
Dinner and book discussion
Progressive dinner
Fresh garden vegetables dinner

Party in your home or at church

Charades and dessert
Hearts and tarts card party
Bunk-O party
Spanish tapas party with live music
Murder mystery dinner party
Skating party
Scrabble dinner party
Movie, theater, or concert party

Recreation or tour

Kayak or canoe trip
Wildflower identification hike
San Juan Islands boat cruise
Evening of sailing and sunset dinner
Bus trip to explore Gig Harbor
Guided tour to see swans, geese, and raptors
Private docent for museum visit

Special Desserts

Chocolate decadence cake
Double chocolate orange tort
Chocolate mousse-filled zuccotto
Grand Marnier cake with chocolate glaze

Miscellaneous items

4 opening day Mariners tickets
Theater or art gallery admission
Stained glass window
Radio controlled hot rod
Carved leather wall hanging
New legal copy of Microsoft Office Professional
16-inch chainsaw

Personal services

1 hour of iPod or cell phone instruction
8 hours of computer tutoring
4 hours of landscape maintenance
10 hours of house painting
Weekend of child care
Computer maintenance and consultation
Jazz combo for special event
Dog or cat sitting or walking
Labor to build a deck or shed
Window washing
Professional bookbinding
4 hours of slave labor
Carpet cleaning
DVR or DVD operation instruction
Facebook or blogging instruction
Odd jobs around the home
Professional haircuts
House cleaning, cooking, and ironing
Internet and email tutoring
Massage session
Custom note cards
Music lessons
2 hours of legal consultation
Car washing and waxing
Custom made watercolor quilt
Children’s birthday party entertainment

Food service

9 months of muffins or cookies
How to make raspberry truffles
Home canning and jam making instruction
Vegetarian lasagna for 10
20 dozen Christmas cookies
Catered barbecue dinner
Coconut cake baked for your occasion
Soup of the month for 8 months

Use of facilities or equipment

Maui condo for one week
Weekend use of a vacation cabin
Use of an RV for a week
Use of a food drier
Use of a pressure washer

Donate now

Now that you have some ideas, please make a donation.