Lay Ministry

Would you like to speak with a Lay Minister?

Are you experiencing a difficult time in your life? Would you like to share your story with someone who will listen compassionately and respectfully? The Lay Ministry team are members of the congregation who have been selected by the minister and trained to attentively listen. To connect with a Lay Minister, send them an email.

Sharing a joy, sorrow, or concern

In the Pastoral Care alcove in Chapman Hall is the Book of Life which provides a place for personal joys, sorrows, and concerns to be shared with others in the congregation. If you would like to share a joy, sorrow, or concern, enter it online, and the Lay Ministry team will add your message to the Book of Life. Additionally, at the alcove you may write a personal note in response to someone else's message. The Lay Ministry team will mail your note to the appropriate recipient.

Listening with compassion and respect

The Lay Ministry team work closely with the Minister to help provide pastoral care for members and friends of the church. These people are trained to conduct this work with compassion and respect. The committee members are nominated by the Minister and assume a two-year commitment.

Contact the Chair: Don Snow