Covenant Groups

Ellin SnowAre you looking for a place where you can...

Grow spiritually while sharing with others, be truly known by others, give and receive support... in an intimate and safe environment?

There is such a place: A Covenant Group at EUUC

The only way to have a friend is to be one.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


What is a Covenant Group?

It is a group of up to ten people who agree to meet twice a month for two hours each time, either at a host's home or at the Church. It is a group of people who wish to explore their ideas of spirituality in an intimate setting, and who wish to make a difference together through service to the church and the larger community. Please read the mission statement for EUUC Covenant Groups.

Prior to each meeting, a session plan is sent to each member.  The format begins with a chalice lighting, a quiet time for centering, and a check-in during which group members share their current joys and concerns.

The centerpiece of the plan is a poem or prose piece on subject matter often chosen to reflect material dealt with in recent or upcoming sermons. Questions are included as an optional focus for sharing.

Participants take turns speaking of the thoughts and feelings stirred by the reading, while others listen deeply without interruption.  With no advice, judgement statements or crosstalk, the speakers each find the time and space to think clearly and to open their hearts to one another. The session ends with likes and wishes about the gathering, with closing words and the extinguishing of the chalice.

Why are Covenant Groups meaningful?

Covenant groups provide visitors and church members an opportunity to meet others in a relaxed setting encouraging thoughtful reflection, listening, and sharing of personal stories. This spiritual and social connection by which we measure our sense of belonging, is the core of EUUC's covenant groups. See what group members had to say when they shared their thoughts with the congregation.

What is not part of a covenant group?

  • It is not a study group, a committee, a discussion group, a therapy group, or an affinity group based on a specific area of interest.
  • It is not a place to give advice, nor solve specific problems, be they personal or congregational.

As a newcomer to the Church may I join a group?

Absolutely. Covenant Groups are open to EUUC members and non-members alike. Some may need friends with whom to recharge their souls; others might be seeking connection to larger meaning and deeper feelings and a sense of greater significance.

How do I join?

Contact our Covenant Group Coordinator, Ellin Snow to express your interest.